Our Colorful Potatoes

Colorful potatoes are nothing new. Colored potatoes originated from the Andes region of South America and were originally found in many colors. People from this region still cultivate, grow and feed their families with bountiful crops of beautiful colorful potatoes rich in nutritious value. (SOURCE RICHMOND HEALTH)


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Our Mission & Values

Maple Wood Farm Potatoes Mission: We take family pride in growing amazing, nutritious, colorful potatoes.

Maple Wood Farm Potatoes Values: Family, Honesty, Tradition, Hard Work, Integrity in Business

Our History

In 1886, Frank Jungquist came to the United States from Sweden at the age of nineteen. In 1899 he purchased a farm four miles southwest of Mount Vernon and began a dairy. His son Elmer followed in his footsteps and continued on the dairy farm.

In 1935 Elmer acquired the present farm on Beaver Marsh Road known as Maple Wood Farm. Elmer’s son Kenneth Jungquist returned home after flying in the Army Air Force during World War 2, to farm with his father. They began a transition from the dairy business to crop farming which eventually led them to create the amazing colorful potato business known as Maple Wood Farm Potatoes.

In the late 1970’s Ken’s sons Roger and Bob joined their dad and continued to expand Maple Wood Farm and the family’s potato business continued to grow.

Currently, Roger and his son Riley carry on the Maple Wood Farm tradition. The size of our farm has grown through the years to produce hundreds of acres of potatoes annually along with wheat, barley and other rotation crops in the rich Skagit soil.

Success is in the soil is ever-present in our pristine and beautiful potato products. Our area, the Pacific Northwest, has become synonymous with quality, and even more so consistent quality, year after year. The naturally irrigated soil and moderate temperature provide ideal growing conditions that produce the best color and skin finish you’ll find throughout the country in colorful potatoes. Our goal at the farm is to produce and provide consistent premium quality potatoes, and that is what drives us each and every day.


Health Benefits

Get the latest on the health benefits of potatoes from key sources including CNN, Prevention.com and many more.